The Differences Between Electric Cars and Conventional Cars

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EV’s vs ICE EV stands for electric vehicle, ICE stands for internal combustion engine. Electric Cars Electric engines have no moving parts, in fact they only have a couple of essential parts. What makes an electric car move is based around magnetism. The engine draws power from the battery and this create a magnetic force that propels the car forward. … Read More

Get a Free vehicle check with your MOT with us

Vehicle check worth £19.99 when taking an MOT

At the present time when any help or saving in finances is welcome we have decided to give a Free vehicle check when you have an MOT with us.It is however limited to the 31st May 2022 so don’t delay. We include checking these for you : Windscreen wipers & washerBattery and charging systemExterior lightingHornBrakes and HandbrakeTyres and tyre pressures … Read More

What can I do if my car fails its MOT test?

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Why You need an MOT? The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure that cars, other light vehicles (including some light goods vehicles), private buses and motor bicycles over a certain age are checked at least once a year to see that they comply withGovernment guides based on roadworthiness and environmental standards. When an MOT test is done it … Read More

What are the major benefits of Servicing your Car regularly

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The major benefit of regular Car servicing is to make sure your car is running at its best. By running at its optimum the car will give you better fuel economy and this will save you money. Aswell as this, it is an investment in the long term of your car. Over time by regularly servicing your car will reduce … Read More

Car servicing and 13 quick checks to maintain your car

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If you can do the following things these will keep your car roadworthy and may save you on expensive car repairs log term.Many people do not realise a cars manual will have important information and maintenance information. It is so useful because the information will be specific to that model and will explain when things need doing. Checking your car’s … Read More


Gearbox repairs in kenilworth

We often get asked ‘does your garage in Kenilworth repair gearboxes’Our answer is yes, we have a full list of car repairs services which includes gearbox repairs in Kenilworth aswell as providing MOT’s and Car servicing. However there are some things and checks that you as the car owner can do to confirm your gearbox does have a problem and … Read More

How to Keep Your Tyres in Good Condition

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Unfortunately many drivers overlook the fact that its very important to check their tyres regularly. Its important because tyres are one of the most important components of any car or vehicle.They are a big factor in making a car safe or unsafe to drive. The sad fact is that although there are a few simple things they can be done … Read More

How do I know if my brakes need checking or replacing

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If your brakes are losing their bite on push down of the brake pedal, you need to have them checked.Your brakes are the most important safety system part of your car, brakes control the speed of your vehicle and will stop the car. The brake pedal is the first pedal you will hit in an emergency,so you need to make … Read More