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An MOT is required in the UK for cars and vehicles that are over three years old. An MOT test is required every year after your vehicle is 3 years old.

If you have an MOT test certificate for your car or vehicle you can check your MOT test certificate for its expiry date and therefore when your new MOT is required. On the GOV.UK website you can check your MOT due date online and also the past MOT history.
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Types of vehicle we test
At Clinton Garage here in Kenilworth we currently MOT test class IV vehicles
MOT and Service Prices

Class IV MOT test
only £39.00
Service & MOT test package
from only £99.00
(includes MOT test at £19 when booked with a service)

We at Clintons Garage conduct class 4 MOT checks

Class 4 includes all passenger cars with up to 12 seats, ambulances, taxis, caravans, goods vehicles (weighing up to 3000kg) and dual-purpose vehicles, etc.

Before starting your MOT test, our mechanics will check the MOT history of your vehicle online to verify any faults in your vehicle that was shown on your previous MOT test.

Here are the checks that are included in our MOT Testing


Our experienced MOT testers will check the overall conditions of all your car lights, including headlights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights and their self-levelling and cleaning capabilities.


The next check is to inspect the brake discs, pads, callipers and the other parts of your vehicle’s braking system so to make sure the car passes under this very important part of the test.

Brakes can be a common advisory or fail given on MOT tests but can be a quick and fairly cheap repair.


As per UK law, your car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. During an MOT test our MOT testers will check if the tyre tread depth are within the standards. We also check for cuts, bulges and signs of damage in the tyre. It is common for an MOT failure be due to tyres or as an advisory on the MOT, however it can often be a quick and easy repair to be done.

It is reported that most breakdowns on motorways are due to tyre problems.

Steering & Suspension

During an MOT test our testers will run a thorough check of the steering wheel and column. They will also check the suspension system and its parts including the shock absorbers and struts.

Windscreen & Wipers

Our MOT testers will inspect your car's windscreen for any chips and cracks that may end up in creating a large crack on the windscreen.

Even a small windscreen chip within a driver's line of vision could cause a windscreen to fail an MOT test.

We also ensure that the windscreen wipers and washer bottle are in top working condition and can provide you with a clear view of the road ahead.

Exhaust & Emissions

Excessive and visible smoke from your vehicle can also lead to an MOT failure.

Our technicians will check if the emissions are within the legal limit. This check also covers if the exhaust system and fuel filler cap are working optimally.

MOT Testing Changed in May 2018

When you visit an MOT garage you will find that the MOT test process has slightly changed.
If you had a previous MOT Test before MAY 2018 you will remember the previous system failed or advised on what repairs were required if any. It now reports the faults using a classification system of listing under minor, major and dangerous. Any faults under your MOT test that are listed as major or dangerous will result in an MOT fail.

What documents do I need to bring with me?
You only need to bring your vehicle with you, your car details can be checked online.

Remember you can book your MOT test up to a month before your current MOT certificate expires without losing your renewal date, so you can get 13 months on your MOT instead of 12 months.
If your vehicle is an MOT failure
If your car or vehicle does not pass its MOT it will need to be repaired and then retested.

Driving in a car or vehicle that has an MOT failure is not recommended and may also mean you are not covered by your insurance policy (please check for details).

For your convenience our fully trained mechanics will quote for the repairs. Once done within 10 days we can retest your car or vehicle for free to get it its MOT certificate.
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