Exhaust Checks, Repairs & Replacement

Exhaust Checks, Repairs & Replacement

Experts for Exhaust Checks, Exhaust Repairs and Replacements in Kenilworth, Leek Wooton, Balsall Common, Burton Green, Canley, Tile Hill areas of Coventry

Clintons Garage are your local car garage that offers a reliable and affordable exhaust check, exhaust repair and replacement service in Kenilworth near Coventry.

The exhaust on a car is a major part of it running well so it is advised to have your exhaust checked regularly. By bringing in your car for us to check your exhaust will make sure your exhaust is safe and also performing as efficiently as possible.

A poor performing exhaust can lead to problems. Not only will it affect the efficiency of cars fuel consumption and will cost more money to run but an exhaust that is in poor condition is also a health risk and can effect the whole running of the car.

We at Clintons Garage in Kenilworth near Coventry also provide catalytic converter checks. The purpose of a catalytic converter is to change harmful gases into something less dangerous. The Government recently introduced the law that if on checking your car in an MOT, if it falls below certain emissions level the car will fail its MOT.

The exhaust system is quite a complex component of a car.

Cars that have a fuel injection system will have what is known as an oxygen sensor in the exhaust. The oxygen sensors purpose it to is to calculate how much oxygen is in the exhaust, then with this information it optimises the amount of fuel burned in the engine as you drive. The oxygen sensor also makes sure there is enough oxygen in the exhaust gases for the oxidation catalyst to work.

If this sensor develops a fault or becomes clogged over time it will send false readings to your cars computer. This means you car will not run as as efficient as it should.

Many exhaust problems can be attributed to a faulty sensor so its worthwhile having that checked even if you do not currently have a current problem.

What are some common signs that you have a problem with your exhaust?


A rusty exhaust can be seen by us all but we probably don't know what causes it. To explain a rusty exhaust is usually caused by water build up on the inside of the exhaust. The water comes from driving short trips, the water vapour that gathers do not have enough time for the exhaust to get hot enough to evaporate it. Over time the condensation will finally rust the exhaust from the inside.


Some cars can have numerous oxygen sensors, one sensor not working right will send the wrong information to the cars computer causing fuel to be sent in the wrong amounts.


Rough road conditions can affect your exhaust. The bumps and holes in our roads can shake the exhaust. Exhausts are fitted firmly but the consistent shaking can effect its joints, can cause it to crack which could also leak poisonous fumes.


An increase in engine noise is a sign of an exhaust leak. The increase in the level of the engine noise volume normally means the exhaust leak is in the manifold. If the leak is in the manifold, not only will your engine’s volume increase, but toxic fumes will be given off and could enter the passenger side of the car. That is an exhaust repair that needs to be checked immediately also.


Another problem that arises from frequent rough road conditions is a clogged muffler. Driving on bumpy roads can cause the exhausts small internal parts to come loose and can travel down and clog the muffler.


Hangers are the parts that protect the exhaust system from moving around if you hit a bump. However constant bumping around can lead to it breaking over time and coming off completely leaving the exhaust pipe free to move around. This freed up movement may lead to dents, cracks and, in some cases, entire pieces of the exhaust system to break off.


Sudden strange vibrations on your steering wheel is a sign that your exhaust system is faulty and in need of repair. In extreme circumstances it will make the whole car shake. If you experience these vibrations then you need to get your car checked out immediately.


A car with exhaust smoke is not good however what colour the smoke is will determine what the cause of it is. If you get a bluey grey exhaust smoke this is normally due to oil burning in the combustion chamber. The cause of this burning oil can be down to a few things like valve seals, valve guides, piston rings, worn cylinder walls or the PCV system.

If you get black smoke this means your fuel is too rich. The cause of the fuel being too rich can be down to fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator and the fuel return line.

Finally, if the smoke coming out of your exhaust system is white/grey, then this may be caused by coolant burning in the combustion chamber. Possible causes of this are the your cylinder head, engine block or head gasket being cracked or damaged. This can be an expensive repair so its critical to come and get your cars exhaust checked immediately.

You can prevent these exhaust repairs from happening by having your exhaust system inspected every one or 2 years. Even ask for it to be inspected with your car service.

Our exhaust checks, exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements service covers:

  • Exhaust Checks, Repairs & Replacement
  • Oxygen Sensor Checks & Replacement
  • Catalytic Converter Checks, Repairs & Replacement
  • Engine Manifold Checks & Replacement

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